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How are you doing? By being ready to succeed.

The proof is clear. Look what happened last weekend. The Bills have proven they are ready to pull off on the biggest stages to everyone on the pitch in Kansas City, and they’ve proven it to everyone in Bills Mafia.

Excellence in training and preparation made it possible. A great game plan and a great team that is consistent and efficient.

Thinking back to when the Bills were in training camp, I was excited about what I saw in another group of talented future stars.

The kids at our first pre-apprenticeship training camp in Genesee Valley showed in six weeks that they were ready to succeed. Each student completed an apprenticeship in mechatronics at a company in the GLOW region this summer or a follow-up training in the mechatronics program at Monroe Community College.

One of our graduates is already making $ 28 an hour. That’s $ 60,000 a year without student debt!

This kind of success will be repeated over and over again. This is because BOCES Genesee Valley Campus in Batavia has the best program in New York City for high school students to learn skills in electrical, mechanical, and mechatronics.

At Genesee Valley BOCES in Batavia, Genesee County, NY, students train with materials, instructions, and experiences that make this program the best in the state for students. secondary school. The programs are ready to be scaled up to support large-scale projects at Western New York Science & Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park (www.wnystamp.com) and effectively prepare teens for careers with high salaries and no college debt.

Learn more at www.gcedc.com/fast

Mechatronics is the set of skills in electricity, mechanics and information technology that our children learn, all united in one field. And these skills can be applied to careers in all industries.

Genesee County students have the opportunity in Grades 11 and 12 to be in labs with the best equipment, the best training programs, and the best pre-learning experiences.

Along with our partners, Genesee County has invested $ 700,000 to support the deployment of the Amatrol training systems that are located in the electromechanical lab. Students use these modules and lessons to learn fundamental aspects of mechatronics, then experience real-life scenarios that test their skills and preparation.

Three dozen students from this year’s Batavia BOCES campus electromechanical trades program have already got their hands on this equipment.

The opportunity to expand this program is incredible. The modules were also used by 700 GLOW With Your Hands students. They are already being used by businesses in Genesee County for quick training sessions with employees.

The equipment students train with in Batavia is the same equipment used at MCC in Rochester and the Northland Workforce Training Center in Buffalo. These are the best training programs in our region. And this equipment directly matches the equipment used in all kinds of in-demand careers.

But just like the Bills training center, this equipment needs a user to take full advantage of it. Parents, that’s what your kids were aiming for in their fourth grade STEM program. These cool activities that got them excited about school and science, here’s how to apply them for a great career.

Let’s take this learning they did in college and apply that learning with deep experiences.

Electromechanical skills are required in the manufacture of everything we manufacture in Genesee County, from dairy products to state-of-the-art equipment. These skills will soon be rewarded by companies like Plug Power, which will manufacture green hydrogen to supply STAMP’s clean logistics.

Students who are now using this equipment will soon be starting shadowing and cooperatives. By the summer, they will be in pre-apprenticeship. By next fall, they could be making enough money to pay for your tickets to see the Bills raise the banner and start their title defense!

If you are interested in how to bring yourself or your student down this path, please contact me at [email protected] Coach Swazz will put you in touch with the right people, the right programs and the right careers.

Chris Suozzi is Vice President of Business and Workforce Development at the Genesee County Economic Development Center in Batavia.

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