Viola Davis wears Matturi Fine Jewelery earrings for ‘Black Is Brilliant’ with Rad and the band De Beers at ‘The First Lady’ premiere

LOS ANGELES, USA – Media OutReach – April 17, 2022 – Viola Davis door Earrings Matturi Jewelery conceived by Satta Maturi featuring ethically and sustainably sourced natural diamonds from Botswana for #BlackIsBrilliant from RAD x De Beers Group campaign at the world premiere of Showtime’s “The First Lady” April 14 in Los Angeles.


With #BlackIsBrilliant, De Beers Group offers a platform for black designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces with natural diamonds from Botswana, emphasizing the red carpet as a powerful forum for communication and visibility to amplify voices and black talent. .

De Beers Group has partnered with RAD (Red Carpet Advocacy), taking RAD’s established, goal-driven approach of pairing talent and brands to use their platforms in advocacy at global events to promote social progress and positive changes in culture.

De Beers Group is deeply committed to creating a positive and lasting impact that will last long after the discovery of its last diamond.


Matturi Fine Jewelery’s Kwe earrings are made with ethically and sustainably sourced diamonds from Botswana, supplied by the De Beers Group.

“Considered to be the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa, the San, also known as the Bushmen or Kwe, are a diverse group of people who have historically lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Their traditions, dance and distinct rock art depict and interpret their views and beliefs about landscapes, flora, fauna and life within a sustainable ecosystem, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Contemporary San artists continue to tap into these same age-old beliefs and traditions using bold interpretations and vibrant colors.

Kwe earrings are a tribute to a people who continue to live selflessly with nature. The design in particular is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Botswana, a country that is blessed not only with diamonds, but also with the natural beauty of the delta, rivers and abundant wildlife. Forty natural diamonds, created deep beneath Botswana’s soil millions of years ago, have been selected by the De Beers Group for their unique attributes which have been cut and polished in Gaborone by Batswana artisans. Surrounding and connecting natural diamonds, 18k gold has been left unpolished to achieve a raw yet contemporary and natural look and feel.

Every aspect of these earrings and their design pays homage to a country, its people, its natural resources and its amazing ecosystem.

Satta, Founder and Head of Creation, MATTURI FINE JEWELERY


To support Viola’s advocacy for black creative talent, a $25,000 donation will be made to a charity of her choice.


Being British and West African, Satta Matturi combined deeply felt traditions and African heritage blended with a global view of trends, attitudes and inspiration to create a premium jewelry brand that would resonate with conscious independent women. of fashion on the African continent and far beyond. Satta has traveled extensively around the world and has an innate passion for the new emerging Africa, which she incorporates into her creations. Her extensive personal jewelry collection, amassed over the years, is a true testament to her love for trinkets. She grew up with a mother who insisted that women build up an enviable collection of jewelry.

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