Veteran finds job and financial success with Combined Arms

After six months of searching for a job, Army veteran Nichole Moffett hit a tipping point when she began having difficulty paying her rent and fearing losing her home.

“Anything that could go wrong was going wrong,” Moffett said. “I went from having a corporate environment at the executive level to having nothing.”

She felt that her years of experience, education, and life suddenly came to a halt after her role was eliminated. Its finances were no longer as strong as they had been in the past. Moffett struggled to find a new career using the same resume and interview techniques that had worked over the years.

She decided to turn to Combined arms for employment assistance and other financial resources. She heard about the organization from another veteran who heard about the challenges she faced as a veteran, military spouse, and full-time mother.

In alignment with the Veterans Sponsorship Partnership Network (VSPN) initiative led by the National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnerships (HAP), Combined Arms supports service members, veterans and their families. The organization—one of more than a dozen partners that make up the VSPN coalition—helps facilitate access to VA services and community resources such as employment opportunities, education benefits, housing assistance and more.

Provide support in times of crisis

With the help of more than 165 member organizations, Combined Arms provides holistic, personalized and effective support to Texas veterans through the Texas Veterans Network (DTV).

Nichole Moffett attends meetings to help other veterans and their families.

These member organizations participate in programs that provide support to veterans in times of crisis. They contribute to accelerating their transition to civilian life and their entry into new communities.

“I think an organization like Combined Arms is a great resource. He understands what veterans have been through,” Moffett said.

Through their collaboration with the TVN, Combined Arms offers more than 920 resources to the Texas military community.

A few services and offers she has benefited from include financial ressources, mental well-being, career servicesand access veterans benefits like insurance through Virginia.

Updated CV and found a job

Moffett said she hopes veterans know it’s okay to ask for help. On going to a course for help with resume resumes, she updated her resume based on their recommendations. She found a job a few months later.

Even after beginning this new role, Moffett continues to tap into these mental wellness resources. She participates in conversations and meetings to help other veterans, service members and their families.

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The VSPN initiative streamlines partnerships with community organizations that can match service members with peer sponsors who can provide one-on-one support during the military-civilian transition.

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