Unlock your best self at Warrior One martial arts and bodybuilding center

Look, it happens. You had the best intentions, but life is so busy, your so-called “health goals” were fueled by toxic perceptions, and you honestly don’t even like the gym. Stop! Did you think maybe you were doing everything wrong?

Ditch your dreadful workout routines and vague, unrealistic goals. Think about what you really need to thrive. Self-confidence? Strong minded? Resilience? Build lasting physical strength that will allow you to persevere?

What if martial arts were what you were looking for? What if you diversify from the most immediate disciplines that come to mind? Imagine a place in Beijing where you could train in fighting arts like Krav Maga, Kali, capoeira, and K-1 kickboxing. This place is the Warrior One martial arts and bodybuilding center.

Yonina Chan, General Manager, and Von Ng, Manager and Chief Instructor, Life and Business Partners, recently moved to a brand new location on the ground floor of Yuanyuan Xinganxian Building, Xiaoyunlu. Read my conversation with the wonderful Yonina to learn more about this rather unique space and its crew.

Hello Yonina! What is Warrior One about?
We are a community training center for self-defense, combat, martial arts and powerlifting for sports performance, injury prevention and strength building for real life. As Von said, our mission is “to help ordinary people train their bodies and minds, build an unshakeable spirit through self-defense, martial arts, and strength training.” You only live once, and we believe martial arts can help you live your best life.

Very cool. What do you think is the most remarkable element for each of the disciplines you offer?
That’s an excellent question. We are best known for Krav Maga, a comprehensive combat system used by the Israel Defense Forces, ranging from physical skills and techniques, situational awareness and mental determination, to simulation training and gripping. decision-making under the stress of sudden violence.

Kali, or Arnis, is a traditional Filipino weapon-based martial art that uses stick fighting techniques. Kali’s deliberate and complex yet graceful exercises help you stay calm and focused with a powerful and dynamic type of moving meditation and flow state exercise.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art at the intersection of combat, dance and acrobatics, well known for its acrobatic maneuvers and flowing movements. Culturally, Capoeira also involves a series of traditional musical instruments and songs.

Finally, K-1 Kickboxing is a standing combat sport rooted in karate and western boxing. Here we focus on exercises intended to enable active use of the hands, fluid footwork, angles, movements and volume combos that differentiate K-1 from Muay Thai.

Often we assume that martial arts is out of reach for a beginner. What would be the right way for a beginner to start at Warrior One?
Every black belt has been a white belt once. Von thinks this is the real journey of martial arts and combat – learning new skills while discovering more about yourself. At Warrior One, we start with a consultation to help us understand your background, challenges and goals. We are here to guide you on this journey.

Apart from combat and martial arts, I see that you also organize weightlifting classes. It seems like an unusual combination.
It looks really unusual at first glance, doesn’t it? Wes, our weightlifting program director, believes that strength is “the bottom of the pyramid” when it comes to all athletic abilities. Without adequate muscle to support any activity you do, you will miss your full potential and be at greater risk of injury. People of all ages and backgrounds have joined our powerlifting program in search of improved strength, injury prevention, and a pain-free life.

Impressive. What’s up with Warrior One’s brand new location?
We currently follow a goal-oriented and holistic approach to our programs. Whether it’s martial arts or bodybuilding, our focus on one-on-one advice is designed to help you achieve your goals. We also run many great camps and condensed programs, such as our Women’s Self-Defense Short Course, our very popular Basic Weightlifting Course, handstand workshops from our Capoeira Team, and more. If you are looking to build a sustainable wellness plan, find us on WeChat (WarriorOne_BJ), book your consultation and… get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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Images courtesy of Warrior One

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