United Way celebrates local volunteer heroes | Local News

Being a volunteer is part of Jack Edwards’ life. His mother taught him the value of helping others when he was young, but he drifted away for a while after drugs drew him down a different path.

“When I had the opportunity to come to Exodus Homes and work to get my life back on track, I moved into a room with two guys and had no idea what was going on,” Edwards said. “But these two, they made sure I had everything I needed. They have always been there for me.

The longer he stayed at Exodus Homes, the more he looked for ways to start helping others and inspiring others to find a better path.

“When I wake up in the morning, I don’t wake up to myself. I wake up to be a servant of God, ”Edwards said.

Individual GFH 2021 nominees included: Lynne Cline – nominated by Hickory PORCH, Phil Echerd – nominated by Safe Harbor, Jack Edwards – nominated by Exodus Homes, Melanie Elrod – nominated by Safe Harbor, Robert Fisher – nominated by Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center , Carla Hafer – nominated by The Corner Table, Gina Hefner – nominated by Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center, Dawud Hughes – nominated by VOICE, Patricia Hurley – nominated by Catawba County Senior Nutrition Services, Rita Johnson – nominated by VOICE, Ann Joslyn – nominated by Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center, Jacob Keller – nominated by ECCCM, Anne Kennedy – nominated by Greater Hickory CCM, Sally Lee – nominated by Safe Harbor, Douglas “Eddie” Marlowe – nominated by Centro Latino, Family Guidance Center, Hugh McCammon – nominated by Children’s Advocacy & Protection Center, Brooks Nichols – nominated by ECCCM, Teresa Oakley – nominated by Safe Harbor, Sheryl Smith – nominated by Safe Harbor’s Resourc e Warehouse, Carolyn Sp eagle – nominated by VOICE

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