UH hosts Stress Free Finals events to uplift student spirits

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As the end of the fall semester quickly approaches, UH is trying to help students alleviate some year-end worries by continuing Stress-free finals, including Winter wonders.

Starting Monday with much needed fuel, the student center food court offered students free breakfast, along with blue books to help them study.

Later in the day, the University tenuous a guiding painting session at the Student Center South Ballroom, where students were able to creatively relieve some of their stress.

The stress-free final kicked off on Tuesday, hosted by UH departments including the Women and Gender Resource Center, the Center for Fraternity and Sisterhood Life and the Center for diversity and inclusion.

These departments hosted live music, a photo booth, freebies and more for student enjoyment.

Lego building and counseling and psychology services ”Let’s talk”Took place Monday through Friday this week.

The all day lego building was held at the AD Bruce Religion Center, allowing students to come and go as they please.

“Let’s Talk” is a CAPS program where any member of the UH community can confide in and receive advice as needed through walk-in sessions with a CAPS clinician.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion extended its hours of operation and served hot chocolate with donuts for students to enjoy while studying.

For those who enjoy retail therapy, the Good Vibes Vintage Market has offered free vintage goods, live music, local vintage shops, and different activities offered by the Blaffer Art Museum and Library of architecture, design and art.

Winter arrived early Thursday morning, when the university dropped 60 tons of snow on Lynn Eusan Park for the annual Winter Wonderland hosted by the Student Program Board.

Students who attended were able to receive free t-shirts, food and tobogganing.

Some students felt that this year’s events were not as effective or up to the level of previous stress-free events, such as Manushi Vatani, junior in biology.

“Instead of having the forms, (they should) swipe the card like before, that would speed things up a lot,” Vatani said. “My first year, they had a funnel cake and they advertised a funnel cake this year, but there’s no funnel cake.”

Other students saw this as a perfect way to start their graduation weeks.

“There are a lot of games and it’s a nice break from studying,” said Xanthica Carmona, senior in biomedical engineering. “All the events have been quite beneficial.”

Relax with well-being Monday, December 6 and the LGBTQ Resource Center Fruity finals December 7-9 are the last two Stress Free Finals events that students can enjoy before heading into the final days of the semester.

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