Three Dutch commandos injured in a shootout outside an American hotel | American News

Three Dutch commandos in the United States for training exercises were injured in a shootout in downtown Indianapolis after what local police believe was a disturbance outside the hotel where they were staying , according to the authorities.

The Dutch Defense Ministry said one of the men was in critical condition and the other two were conscious, while Indianapolis police said two of the soldiers were in critical condition and the third was steady.

The three soldiers were from the Commando Corps and were in Indiana for training when the shooting happened in their spare time outside the hotel where they were staying, the Dutch ministry said.

The shooting happened around 3:30 a.m. in the Indianapolis entertainment district. Police said officers found three men with gunshot wounds and they were taken to area hospitals.

Police said they believe some sort of altercation between the three victims and another person or people led to the shooting.

The department said families of the victims have been notified as Indianapolis police continue to investigate the shooting.

No arrests were made.

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer told Fox 59 that it appeared an altercation had taken place earlier at a location other than the Hampton Inn in downtown Indianapolis.

“At this time, the information we are prepared to release is that it was not something that happened inside the hotel,” the officer told the news channel.

“It was a previous altercation, we believe, at another location. It didn’t happen inside the Hampton – the actual event happened outside.

The Indiana National Guard said the soldiers trained at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, a 1,000-acre (405-hectare) complex about 40 miles (65 km) southeast of Indianapolis. The guard said in a statement that the center was used for training by the Ministry of Defense “as well as other allies”.

“The Dutch soldiers went to Indianapolis at the end of their day of duty,” the guard said.

A Pentagon spokesperson, when asked who the commandos were training with and whether any US personnel were involved in the incident, asked questions of local civil authorities, adding that the situation was still under discussion. of an investigation.

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