Three candidates vying to represent Tucson City Council Ward 3

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – Karen Uhlich currently represents Ward 3 of Tucson City Council, she held the seat when Paul Durham resigned. She is about to be replaced in the next election and three candidates are vying for her post. Ward 3 is located in the northwest region of Tucson.

Along its northern border are the Tucson Mall and Rillito Park. Its southern border touches West Speedway Blvd.

Alan Harwell is a written candidate posing as a Republican. Harwell never went to college. He has lived in Tucson for most of his life and considers himself the Outstanding Candidate.

“There is no one to represent my point of view and question the status quo of who is already on city council,” Harwell said.

Harwell says he wants to increase police funding and improve parks and roads. He also wants to defend the homeless.

“We need an advocacy group, someone who’s been through this before, who already knows what it’s like to be homeless,” Harwell said. “I was homeless, I took methamphetamine, I was in the neighborhood.”

Lucy LiBosha describes herself as an independent progressive. LiBosha has been teaching math in Tucson for 19 years, first at Sunnyside Unified and more recently at Tucson Unified. She is also a veteran; she previously served in the US military as a graphic illustrator and airborne paratrooper.

“My three step plan, my vision in this campaign, is to connect, invest and elevate Tucson,” LiBosha said.

LiBosha wants to provide Tucsonians with basic necessities, such as shelter and food, and fight climate change through social justice work. She also wants to improve public transport, which she has already done within the city’s Complete Streets Coordination Committee.

“Invest in people, connect neighbors, neighborhood associations, businesses, and elevate Tucson through policies and practices in an efficient and fair manner,” LiBosha said.

Kevin Dahl is the Democratic candidate. He lived in Ward 3 for 38 years and during that time worked for three environmental nonprofits. Dahl currently works at the National Parks Conservation Association and helped expand Saguaro National Park last December.

“I’m very active in the neighborhood, cleaning, planting trees,” Dahl said.

As an environmentalist, Dahl’s key problem is climate change. He hopes to alter houses, improve vegetation and get rid of carbon energy.

“Climate change is the intersectional problem,” Dahl said. “It’s going to affect everyone, especially the most vulnerable, it’s a health issue, it’s an economic issue, it’s going to hurt businesses, it’s going to hurt our tourism industry.”

One of those three candidates will represent Ward 3 of the Tucson City Council, but any Tucson resident can vote for the Ward 3 representative.

October 4th is the last day to register to vote, click here to register.



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