The South Shore Chamber of Commerce organizes a ribbon cutting for the new HardKore sports performance center | AFN News

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The South Shore Chamber of Commerce organizes a ribbon cutting for the new HardKore sports performance center

Posted on October 22, 2021

The South Shore Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a ribbon cutting for the HardKore Athletic Performance Center which opened an elite and cutting edge athletic performance training center for groups, an open gymnasium, ‘team and group rentals at 22 Reservoir Park Drive, Unit 4 in Rockland, MA.

The training center has three distinct areas which include a gym, a fully separate and enclosed playing field and a Hardkore performance testing area and offers professionally supervised lessons. The facility brings Zybek Sports, the official timing system for the NFL and nationally recognized United States Olympic teams, to New England.

The gym is equipped with TRX Training® which offers individual training for everyone from beginners in a fitness program to elite athletes in training. The facility also offers Keizer pneumatic technology which allows muscles to stay active and engage in the full range of motion and speed, with reduced shock load on muscles, connective tissues and joints enabling programs training that can safely improve physical performance in ways never seen before. with traditional bodybuilding methods.

The training center has also invested in Technogym adaptive treadmills. The running surface adapts to the way an individual runs and effectively absorbs shock, protecting joints at low speeds and providing more responsiveness during sprints.

The gym has Power Lift equipment for strength training and strength training. The high-quality equipment is used by US Olympic teams, professional sports teams and elite military teams.

“Kevin Orcutt has created a truly unique space where people of all abilities can create and achieve their fitness goals,” said Peter Forman, President and CEO of the South Shore Chamber. “We appreciate his investment in his business here on the South Shore and we welcome him to the business community. “

“In addition to the amazing setup and equipment, we have assembled a team of coaches to train individuals at all levels to meet and exceed their athletic goals. ” said Kevin Orcutt, President and CEO of HardKore Testing. “Our programs are designed to tailor our classes to focus on different levels of sports and fitness. The equipment is amazing because it addresses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and reduces the risk of injury. Individuals can really improve their performance with this technology. We invite everyone to come and visit our new facilities.

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