The “Music To Your Ears” virtual event will be held to benefit the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center

Dozens of musicians from western New York State gather on the evening of Thursday, June 24 to support “Music To Your Ears,” a live online fundraising event for the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center.

For a minimum donation of $ 10, viewers can access an eclectic range of acts. Performances featured include ensembles from the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, a duo of The Honey Smuglers, Teagan Ward, Roses & Revolutions and Periodic Table of Elephants. See the full range below.

music to your ears

Closed captioning is available on the day of the event. Donations can be made until 4:45 p.m. on June 24, with a start time of 7 p.m. 100% of donations go to support the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center’s nonprofit mission to improve quality of life through education and clinical services.

The Rochester Hearing & Speech Center has been an institution in and around Rochester, providing service for nearly a century. Our mission is to provide lifelong “communication for life”. We look forward to another 100 years in the community and we couldn’t do it without the generous help of our donors and sponsors. ‘

Greg Horton, Director of Audiology

Composition (in alphabetical order):

  • Alyssa Trahan
  • Amanda Ashley Threesome
  • Bill Tiberio Band
  • Deborah Mangone
  • Evan harrington
  • Honey smugglers (Brian and Steve)
  • Kire Najdovski Group
  • North Star String Orchestra
  • Periodic table of elephants
  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Roses & Revolutions
  • Teagan district
  • Up2 Something

Learn more about each artist / group here.

The Rochester Hearing & Speech Center provides comprehensive audiology services, which include comprehensive and diagnostic hearing assessments, hearing aid adjustments, auditory processing disorder assessments and newborn hearing screenings.

The clinic also offers early and preschool intervention, as well as private therapy and private lessons. The offerings include speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and special education services. In addition to their expertise in working with children, their staff have experience working with specialized populations, such as people with developmental disabilities, veterans and musicians. The hearing loss prevention program is an important aspect of their services.

A major cause of hearing loss is exposure to noisy environments. A consultation can lead to recommendations and adjustments for personalized hearing protection, including high-fidelity earplugs and in-ear monitors.

To learn more about the Rochester Hearing & Speech Center or the “Music To Your Ears” event on June 24, visit their website at

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