The Make A Wish Foundation is organizing a fundraiser; WCF donation kiosk

September 22 — Dealing with children is one of the most stimulating – and rewarding – experiences in an adult’s life.

But when that child suffers from a chronic or terminal disorder, the challenges sometimes become overwhelming. Medical costs often put families in financial stress, while health sometimes limits the family’s opportunities for recreation and other activities.

But there is hope for many of these children, thanks to the Make A Wish foundation.

Faith Hacker, senior development officer for the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana branch of the Make A Wish Foundation, was in London last week for a fundraising event at WWEL SAM 103.9 and to raise awareness of the nonprofit which grants the wishes of these children. The Radiothon featured several children who were the recipients of their wish, while others spoke of their needs and the desperate need for funds to continue the mission.

The average wish costs $ 10,000 per child and includes a family vacation, special equipment at the child’s home, or many other facets that will help the family.

In addition to Thursday’s fundraising event, Hacker and other Make A Wish Foundation staff will be holding a booth at this week’s World Chicken Festival to educate visitors about the organization’s purpose and needs. In addition to the information, donations are gratefully accepted.

To donate online, visit the Make A Wish Foundation Facebook page and click on the “Donate” button.

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