Tallahassee NAACP Hosts Community Discussion on Leon County Sheriff’s Office ‘Anatomy of a Homicide’ Report

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – With detailed statistics in hand, the quest to reduce crime is on in Leon County. As commissioners review policy, the Tallahassee NAACP opened the floor to hear thoughts from the community.

“It gives us an idea of ​​where we need to start,” said Willie Williams.

In November, the Sheriff’s Office of Leon released Anatomy of a Homicide: A Report taking a closer look at violent crime over the past five years.

“What we really lack is a resource center, a reintegration center more than what we have. We need something a little more comprehensive to meet the needs. And another point is illness. mental, ”Stanley Sims said.

The report found that 75% of victims and 69% of offenders in the sample were black.

Postal codes 32304 and 32301 combined account for 57% of homicides.

But the report shows that these two zip codes alone make up only 27% of Leon County’s population.

“What do we need to do to have a positive effect on the elements of the report?” Said Willie Williams.

As NAACP members mull their ideas, the Leon County Commission is in the process of establishing a Commission on the Status of Men and Boys.

“We believe that targeted intervention in these areas might yield a different result,” Leon County Commission Chairman Bill Proctor said.

Commission Chairman Bill Proctor has said he hopes to start serving on the board as early as February. This council would be made up of people approached by city and county commissioners, Leon County schools and organizations like the NAACP.

“We have the resources. It’s about coordinating it,” said Commissioner Proctor.

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