Student Associate Special Election: What You Need to Know — The

The Student Associates (AS) of Santa Monica College (SMC) is holding a special election this month to fill its leadership vacancies for the upcoming fall semester.

Five of the 13 positions on the 2022-2023 SA Board of Trustees were expected to be vacant following last month’s general election – Vice President, Director of Student Aid, Director of Student Outreach, Director of activities and student adviser.

“We were concerned that there were five vacancies in the general election, and I was particularly concerned that no student trustees were running,” SA President Joshua Elizondo said. No candidates ran for the aforementioned positions in the general election, but AS called for a special election, as it “allows us to ensure that student participation in student government is, in all cases, fulfilled,” said said Elizondo.

There are nine candidates vying for positions – three candidates for the position of Director of Student Outreach and two candidates for the positions of Director of Activities and Student Administrator. Candidates for the positions of Vice President and Director of Student Aid run unopposed.

Proposed changes to the AS constitution and bylaws are also on the ballot for this election. Over the past few months, in public meetings, the Constitution Committee has reviewed and changed the language used in the constitution. One of these revisions changes the names of certain positions, referring to the Director of Student Advocacy to the Director of External Affairs and the Director of Student Aid to the Director of Basic Needs.

Another revision states that any student enrolled in MSC is considered a member of SA, but only those who pay the $10 resource fee can run and hold office. Currently, the Constitution stipulates that only those who pay dues are considered members of the SA. Other revisions include defining the AS’s line of succession and stating that being recalled or removed precludes returning to duty in any capacity. The full list of changes can be viewed online on the SMC website.

Applications opened on Monday April 25 and closed on Wednesday May 4 at 5 p.m. The election will take place via Corsair Connect, from May 16 at 00:00 to May 19 at 23:59. The results will be announced on May 20.

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