State GAs Warn Against Cannabis Candy As Halloween Approaches (Newsletter: October 27, 2021)

The TX delta-8 ban survives the first legal challenge; High Legislator NV: Federal authorities must legalize marijuana; Psychedelic scholarships awarded

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In a new report obtained by Marijuana Moment, the National Institute on Drug Abuse briefed the House and Senate supply committees on how cannabis’s restrictive Schedule I status may “hinder critical research … or prevent scientists from continuing such work.”

  • NIDA also told Congress that not letting scientists study the marijuana that consumers actually buy at dispensaries “can be barriers to studying the health effects of products that people use under real conditions.”

A texan judge rejected an initial request to block regulators’ ban on delta-8 THC derived from hemp. The case will be the subject of a new hearing next month.

Nevada Assembly Pro Tempore Speaker wrote an op-ed praising the state’s success in regulating marijuana in a “fair and favorable business environment,” but says federal legalization is needed to “take this work to the next level.”

The Plant Medicine Coalition announced that it has awarded approximately $ 50,000 in grants to support a variety of psychedelic projects, including one to tackle “abuse and predatory behavior in herbal medicine circles.”


The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy released details of a new anti-narcotics strategy between the United States and Colombia.

A federal court will decide whether $ 166,000 of the proceeds of medical cannabis sales in Missouri that were seized in the transportation to Kansas will be returned.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted about New York City moving to clear past marijuana convictions, saying, “I’m proud to see NY take this step. And I’m working with @SenBooker & @RonWyden to pass our Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act to end the marijuana ban, pass criminal justice reforms, and heal the damage from the drug war at the federal level.

Representative Dave Joyce (R-OH) tweeted: “Americans in the majority of states, red and blue, voted to pass sensible cannabis reforms. I encourage my colleagues to respect the will of their constituents and the rights of their states, and to start engaging in these reforms at the federal level.


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (R) tweeted, “We are working to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania. In the meantime, we are forgiving marijuana offenses as quickly as possible. Separately, Democratic candidate for governor Josh shapiro, currently state attorney general, tweeted, “It’s time to legalize marijuana. To regulate it, and tax it. But let me be clear: we need to clear the records of those who have served time for possession of small amounts of marijuana alongside legalization. It is the way to righteousness.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (R) tweeted: “We have brought four new industries to New Jersey: offshore wind, film and television, marijuana and sports betting. These industries will bring thousands of well-paying jobs to the Garden State. “

Illinois the lieutenant governor convened a meeting on a subsidy program funded by cannabis tax revenues.

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, currently a congressman, tweeted a video of himself discussing his support for the legalization of marijuana.

Maryland Democratic candidate for attorney general Anthony Brown, currently a congressman and former lieutenant governor, touted his previous work to decriminalize marijuana.

Connecticut The leader of the parliamentary minority received an award from the prohibitionist organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

The South Dakota The Legislature’s Interim Marijuana Review Committee will meet on Wednesday.

The Massachusetts The Supreme Court of Justice has agreed to hear a case on the validity of a local ban on the sale of marijuana.

A Virginia The judge defended his imprisonment of a woman who admitted to smoking marijuana earlier today before testifying against her alleged domestic violence abuser.

Oregon The Department of Agriculture is recruiting volunteers to serve as temporary commissioners for the new Oregon Hemp Commission.

Colorado regulators have approved additional pesticides that can be used on cannabis.

from New Mexico The Agriculture Department tweeted about a federal hemp investigation.

Texas regulators have released an updated list of registered hemp labs.

West Virginia regulators will be holding medical cannabis patient registration events next week.

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Oakland, California regulators referred some marijuana social equity licensees to the city’s collection department after they defaulted on their loans.


india The Union’s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment recommends decriminalization of drug possession.

from Canada The Embassy in Mexico tweeted: “Hemp seeds are known as a #superaliment because they have so many health benefits. Hemp can help nourish your skin, control sugar levels, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The Chief of Police in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England wrote an op-ed calling for an end to the war on drugs.

An old Guernsey The chief minister said it was time to legalize marijuana.


A study of over 100 cannabis samples indicated that “Samples marked Sativa and Indica were genetically indistinct at the genome level.

A review of research on adolescent marijuana use found that “the lifetime prevalence of cannabis vaping doubled from 2013 to 2020 (6.1% to 13.6%), consumption in the last 12 months doubled from 2017 to 2020 (7.2% to 13.2%) and the 30-day prevalence of cannabis vaping increased 7-fold from 2013 to 2020 (1.6% to 8.4%).


The Alliance for Drug Policy is hiring for several positions, including a head of “drug market reform strategy and legal regulation” and a coordinator of drug decriminalization efforts in California.

The Tax foundation criticized a Colorado vote initiative to raise taxes on marijuana and use the proceeds to fund education programs.

The Vermont Cannabis Equity Coalition issued recommendations to regulators.


Florida judge face with Leafy by rescinding regulators’ ban on using third-party apps to order medical cannabis.

MedMen Enterprises Inc. has a new chief operating officer.

Cresco Laboratories announced that its “Summer of Social Justice” initiative has raised more than $ 250,000 for justice reform organizations and has supported the process of de-listing more than 1,000 people with marijuana-related criminal records.

A lot of high Wall Street Banks end pre-employment marijuana testing.


Little Kim launches a brand of cannabis.

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