Smith County Child Advocacy Center Draws Close to New Location Renovation

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The Smith County Children’s Advocacy Center is approaching a new facility for abused children and their families.

CACSC’s mission is to provide assistance and services to child victims of physical and sexual abuse as they strive to reduce trauma through investigation and healing programs.

At a luncheon on Wednesday, the organization celebrated its purchase of a new, larger building and renovation plans with donations, and announced a $ 600,000 challenge grant from the JE. And LE Mabee Foundation. The campaign allows the CACSC to purchase and renovate the old TCA cable building at 3015 SSE Loop 323 to house its programs for abused children and their families. With the Challenge Grant, they are asking for help from the community to reach that amount and build the location they need.

“At the moment we have two interview rooms, but one of them is the observation room and one of them is in our meeting room,” said CEO Terri Smith . “It’s just that we’ve been successful, and we’ve gotten really good at planning space, but we’re to the point that if we’re going to add significantly to the programs that we’re doing, we’ve got to have more space. “

Smith said cases continue to increase each year and the need for more space is vital.

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