SJ community hard hit by COVID pledges not to let this happen again – NBC Bay Area

A San Jose community that has been hit hard by the pandemic promises not to let history repeat itself.

At the height of the pandemic, East San Jose had some of the highest COVID-19 case rates and death rates in the Bay Area.

But now a new community health and resource center says it has developed a plan to eliminate the inequities that have fueled these cases.

Locals say they’ve been overwhelmed here, an exorbitant number of cases and a lack of resources to fight it.

“East San Jose has always been overlooked. We’ve let East San Jose down time and time again,” said Mike Gonzalez of the Blanca Alvarado Community Resource Center.

Responding to the pandemic was an all too familiar refrain for many.

“For us, COVID-19 has been living in our community for a long time. And that’s called inequity,” said Maria Reyes of the Cassell Neighborhood Association.

On Friday, the new Blanca Alvarado Community Resource Center unveiled a multi-pronged strategy to ensure fairness reaches the east side and health is just one component.

“Here, we will tackle food insecurity, housing insecurity. We will ensure access to health care. Healthy lifestyles, one stop shopping,” Gonzalez said.

The center says all of these are crucial to preventing a future crisis. The center partnered with the Santa Clara Family Health Plan and local residents to develop the action plan.

It’s a plan that ensures residents on the west side who get those on the east side get an equal slice of the pie.

“The fight to ensure that fairness and equality continue through the decades and into the future requires vigilance, advocacy and a strong presence from all of us,” the former vice mayor said. of San Jose, Blanca Alvarado.

Alvarado said inequity was the pre-existing condition on the east side. So they vow to fight to change that from this center, a place they believe will become a beacon for the east side.

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