Single mom credits motherhood for saving her life

Nicholson began living a sober life, returned to school, and began to organize her life so that she could take care of her baby. During this time, she came across the Paul Stefan House. During his five-year stay, the house provided him with “the most perfect opportunity to accomplish all the goals I had set for myself.”

Not only was she given resources to pursue a professional life, but she was also shown love, which Nicholson says she still needed so much during this time.

“I still needed a lot of love and support from adults and parents myself,” she said. “Randy and Evelyn immediately started showering me with so much love and support, kindness, patience.”

“They taught me some really important life lessons — what it meant to be a professional, what it meant to be respectful, what it meant to have integrity, what it meant to be ambitious,” Nicholson added. “And Evelyn taught me the best way to be the best mother. She was with me through every step of motherhood.

In her work today as a foster social worker, Nicholson strives to use her story to encourage others to overcome their difficulties.

“I do my best to impact the life of anyone I have to work with,” she said, “[some who have] suffered abuse, suffered trauma, suffered neglect, because my past has all of that and I found a way out of it.

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