Securing Oklahoma schools underway, state troopers begin training

A statewide campaign to make our schools safer has officially begun. Soon, all Oklahoma State Law Enforcement Officers will be trained for an active shooter event in the same manner.

This is the first step in complying with the Governor’s Executive Order to Make Schools Safer. State troopers will take home what they have learned here and train other officers.

“We want to put them under as realistic stress as possible in scenario-based training so that they are as prepared as possible,” said Tim Tipton, the public safety commissioner.

On Monday, soldiers from across the state of Oklahoma gathered at a training facility in Oklahoma City to begin their active shooter emergency response training.

“How can we intervene, stop the massacre as quickly as possible, help those who are possibly injured and resolve the situation as quickly as possible? So we want to make sure we’re ready,” Tipton said.

Under the executive order, Mission: Secure Oklahoma Schools, law enforcement officers must complete training by Jan. 1, 2023.

“The executive order that the governor made is really a holistic approach. How do law enforcement, local school districts, and local communities partner? How do we use our latest technology to identify threats? Doing behavioral threat assessments, things like that,” the public safety commissioner said.

While all state troopers have received some form of active shooter training, the latest effort will provide up-to-date tactics for law enforcement.

“Some of the early active shooter training, just like many law enforcement training across the country, really didn’t address door break-ins or train first officers for it, so this is included in this training,” he said.

The training gives Oklahoma’s 9,000 state agents the same skills to respond no matter when or where.

“They get a toolkit of techniques and tactics they can implement to eliminate and stop the threat,” Tipton said.

With this new decree, each new police officer is mandated to follow this training.

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