Sandpiper opens health consulting firm | PR

Sandpiper announced the launch of Sandpiper Health, a strategic communications and public affairs consulting firm specializing in healthcare.

Leading the initial team of 30 consultants in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore are Singapore-based directors Saskia Kendall and Sarada Chellam and Beijing-based Robert Magyar.

The consulting firm combines Sandpiper’s existing integrated health practice in Asia Pacific with the health practice of recently acquired China-based consulting firm, North Head.

Sandpiper Health will provide services including corporate communications, patient advocacy, public affairs and policy development, as well as internal communications and social and digital strategies.

The consultancy is launched with clients such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, health insurers, health services groups, telemedicine startups and industry associations.

“Three years ago, we founded our health practice in Asia Pacific with the goal of providing truly expert advice to health and wellness-focused organizations across the region,” said Emma Smith, CEO of Sandpiper, in a statement. “This has been very well received and with our recent acquisition of North Head, which has the largest and most experienced healthcare public affairs and communications team in mainland China, the time is right to launch Sandpiper Health as a dedicated specialist consultancy.”

Chellam said the team puts patients at the heart of their work and will work to help healthcare companies work with stakeholders to provide solutions to the region’s health challenges and develop programs that can help people manage their health better and stay healthy longer.

“Growing affluence, aging populations and, most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic continue to create complex environments that governments and healthcare companies must navigate in China and across the region,” Magyar said. “Sandpiper Health has the local expertise and experience to help our customers understand the priorities of patients, caregivers and decision makers and align their businesses for growth.”

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