Reality Rally returns to reality with an upcoming fundraising event

Ava Sarnowski

Special Village News

As the world moves further and further away from pandemic restrictions, Reality Rally is back to bring everyone a weekend full of entertainment, activities and reality stars that will bring everyone back to the reality.

Created by “Survivor, Gabon” star Gillian Larson, Reality Rally is one of Temecula’s most popular events raising funds for Michelle’s Place Cancer Resource Center. The center has provided more than 10,000 free services each year to individuals and families affected by all types of cancers.

The Rally’s “Fun For Funds” program begins Thursday, May 5 at Wilson Creek Winery, where attendees can play Blackjack, mingle with this year’s lineup of reality TV stars and sing along to the musicians to their heart’s content. Lifetime Rocker stars. Friday, May 6 will be dedicated to the Lip Sync Showdown which will take place at the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa. Finally, on Saturday May 7, the “Amazing Race” style game will take place where the teams will engage in many challenges. To attend, every reality TV star is required to help by raising funds despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic of the past two years.

At the heart of this fundraiser are many people driven by the desire to raise funds for Michelle’s Place. Larson owes the success of this event to both sponsorships and volunteers and continues to deeply admire the passion everyone shares for the cause. She and her team do not make a profit for themselves through Reality Rally, as their intentions have always been to help those battling cancer.

“Each of us is a volunteer,” Larson said. “None of us make a penny from this. I don’t even make a penny for the work I do, which I’ll never do. If I had to get a penny out of this, I wouldn’t.”

There is still time for anyone who wants to be part of the sponsorships, both to showcase and promote what they do. Through Reality Rally, sponsors can receive publicity known to provide business opportunities and good contacts. Volunteer positions are always available and tickets for any or all three days of activities are on sale now.

According to Larson, the promise of fun is guaranteed and the appreciation is limitless.

More information, including where to buy tickets, how to volunteer, and countless stories about visiting the event or see them on Facebook at

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