Rangers’ Artemi Panarin explains glove incident with Brad Marchand


TARRYTOWN, NY – The clip that hit the internet and various highlights on Friday night featured Rangers star Artemi Panarin throwing his gauntlet at Bruins instigator Brad Marchand.

It quickly turned into a GIF that elicited countless laughs, with Panarin seeing the humor in it as well. But as the 30-year-old forward explained after Saturday’s practice at MSG training center, the incident was due to Marchand going personal and pushing his trash too far.

“I didn’t quite understand what he said at the time because we had a little conversation with bad energy,” said Panarin. “Then I hear something about Russia at that point, and then with that energy, it can’t be something good about Russia. That’s why I lose my mind and I did what I did. “

A person familiar with the situation told lohud.com, which is part of the USA TODAY Network, that Marchand struck a chord with Panarin by raising unfounded assault allegations made against him by former KHL coach Andrei. Nazarov in February. He was accused of beating a young woman in 2011, but the charges were largely dispelled and were allegedly politically motivated.

Panarin took a nine-game leave to ensure the safety of his remaining family in Russia, which made it a touchy subject. At training camp in September, he reiterated his preference not to discuss it.

The person said Marchand referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom Panarin has openly criticized in the past, and made fun of Panarin by saying, “No one in your country likes you.”

Panarin responded by throwing his glove at Marchand from the bench and motioning for him to come towards him, resulting in a $ 5,000 fine by the NHL Player Safety Department for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Marchand was not fined, which Panarin said was “not (an) honest” decision by the league.

“I just can’t control myself after these words,” he said. “It’s important to think that I didn’t start it. I didn’t say good things about it either, but I think when you hit a country it’s different. Probably all Russians would like to. defend their country. “

Marchand is one of the best players in the NHL, but he’s also known to be a parasite. He pushes and pushes to elicit a reaction from his opponents, which has made the Rangers angry a few times in recent years.

“I haven’t liked him for a long time,” Panarin said. “A lot of people don’t like it.”

Panarin, who is tied with Adam Fox for the team lead with 21 points this season, admitted he was guilty of chatting with his opponents on occasion. But he said he remained focused on the individual game, expressing his belief that personal attacks cross the line and reflect the game poorly.

“In the NHL, a lot of people say bad words sometimes,” he said. “(But) how do we want to be as humans? For the children and everyone, we must be good examples. Because, as athletes, a lot of kids are watching us. Over the past five or 10 years, trash language has been quite popular. … But I think a balance is important. “

While he had a serious message to get across, Panarin was mostly light-hearted when discussing the incident. He even joked that the fine was insignificant given his annual salary.

“I lost 5K, but thanks to the former GM (Jeff Gorton) for $ 11.6 million,” he said with a smile. “I’m fine.”

Vincent Z. Mercogliano is the New York Rangers beat reporter for USA TODAY Network. Follow him on twitter @vzmercogliano.


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