Political fundraiser hands arms to bingo winners who pass background check

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Indiana (WNDU) – Unique political fundraiser attracts attention in Kosciusko County, where the Republican Party awards handguns or long guns to people 21 and over who earn bingo games at an event in November.

“There will be 10 winners. Each winner will win a gun, ”said Mike Ragan, Chairman of the Kosciusko County GOP Party.

Ragan says it’s important to have the fundraising so that his party’s headquarters remain operational after the pandemic has limited its ability to host these events. He added that the event has no agenda. The goal is for the participants to enjoy the evening, and for those who win a weapon, he said: to win something they couldn’t afford.

Party officials confirm that 6 handguns and 4 long guns are available to be won which the party purchased from local dealer Two Bear Arms. Ragan pointed out that this was not a gun gift.

“We don’t really have the weapons in our possession. We don’t hand the guns over to anyone, ”he said. “The process of getting a gun would be what you normally would if you went to a gun dealer and bought a gun. You must be 21 years old. You cannot be a criminal.

Sheriff Kyle P. Dukes, who is running for re-election in 2022 on the Republican ticket, explained why he is supporting fundraising – one that takes place amid an ongoing national debate over access to guns .

“The gun debate here, you know, in the United States, that we have today – this is one of the ones we are – we don’t want shootings, we don’t want shootings mass, but again the right to bear arms is extremely important and I take that very seriously as a sheriff here in Kosciusko County.

Dukes said federal and state laws will be followed during the fundraising event. Background checks will be performed.

“The Indiana State Police are in charge of the clearance process here in Indiana State, so if there is a red flag that shows up, the Indiana State Police ‘Indiana will then report someone on the mental health side and that will show up in a federal background check.

Dukes said that an Indiana handgun license is required for anyone who carries a pistol or carries it from the arms dealer to their home, while only background checks would be performed on those who do. a shotgun or a rifle.

Admission to the November 9 fundraiser at Owl’s Nest in North Webster costs $ 100. You must be 21 to play. The Kosciusko County Republican Party is licensed to play by the state of Indiana.

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