Plainfield Housing Office and Plainfield Police Department Open Resource Center

Image courtesy of the Housing Authority of Plainfield.

The grand opening of a new community resource center in Plainfield took place on Saturday, December 11, 2021.

The Housing Authority of Plainfield (HAP) and the Plainfield Police Department (PPD) visited Joanne Hollis Gardens (JHG) to celebrate the new community policing initiative, which will include meeting spaces and provide a range of services. The event brought together the Union County law enforcement official and several law enforcement officials, as well as state and local level leaders.

Resource center opens at 535 West Third Street Plainfield 4
Image courtesy of the Housing Authority of Plainfield.

The new resource center is located at 535 West Third Street. It will serve as a safe haven for residents in need and aims to help restore confidence through community policing. Its services will directly support at-risk youth, battered women and those seeking recovery from drug addiction while increasing the visibility of the police in the region.

Resource center opens at 535 West Third Street Plainfield 1
Image courtesy of the Housing Authority of Plainfield.

“Our mission is to better strengthen the relationship between the Plainfield Police Department and our residents,” said Randall Wood, Executive Director of the Plainfield Housing Authority. “This partnership reflects not only the spirit of the Régie du logement, but also the shared values ​​of our partners and their commitment to serve our residents.

The Community Policing initiative aims to improve the overall quality of life for residents of Joanne Hollis Gardens and the community it serves. Residents and members of the public can come during hours of operation to request police services, ask questions or simply speak to a police officer.

“It is important to create a strong relationship with the residents,” said Captain David Guarino of the Plainfield Police Department. “Not only will they feel safe in their own community, but we want them to feel comfortable coming forward to our team with any questions or concerns they have. “

“Our priority is always to create viable, safe and healthy communities that empower our residents,” said Louise A. Colodne, President of the Plainfield Housing Authority. “We are able to deliver on these promises by working with partners like the Plainfield Police Department who share a common interest in serving our residents with integrity and respect. “

Before being redeveloped to serve as a resource center, the vacant unit was used as a living space.

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