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Meranie Gadiana Rahman (Instagram)

Meranie Gadiana Rahman arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada to represent the Philippines in the Mrs. World 2022.

“I am honored to have this great opportunity to represent the Philippines to Mrs. World. I am delighted to meet my pageant sisters. Thank you all for always supporting me. You really are the wind under my wings, ”Meranie said on Instagram Jan. 9.

Meranie is accompanied by her husband, Dr. Inam Rahman, and their five-year-old son on her trip to the United States.

The beauty queen has said she is ready for international competition, which has been repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic.

Meranie Gadiana Rahman: Ready for the world! (Instagram)

When asked what she can promise her supporters, the beauty queen replied: “I can promise all my supporters that I will fulfill all my duties to the best of my ability. I intend to travel the world and promote my advocacy on depression, postpartum depression, bullying, drug addiction awareness, gender inequality and empowering women through action. I want to show the world that any Filipina can make her dreams come true and be someone, even if she is married and has children.

Meranie has expressed her concern about the pandemic, but she is not backing down. “I advance to the end. “

“I am concerned that COVID-19 is increasing in numbers. However, I do feel comfortable that my family and I have been fully immunized. And that’s another thing I’m going to promote. Advise everyone to get vaccinated and observe social distancing, wearing masks, and hand hygiene.

“I think COVID-19 is a very serious and dangerous virus, especially the new Omicron, which is very contagious. I think it will infect the majority of the world who are not vaccinated and few who are, but the disease will be much less severe for those who are vaccinated, ”she said.

Meranie advocates for postpartum depression awareness and campaigns against drug addiction and depression (Instagram)

Before heading to Las Vegas, Meranie went on a mission to the Philippines in December. Unfortunately, during his trip to the country, his family’s plantation in Cagayan de Oro was ravaged by Typhoon “Odette”.

“I was very scared! Typhoon Odette was a level 5 typhoon, the worst that could be. It was the worst calamity that I, my family and my Filipino community suffered. I saw the devastation of my own eyes, since I was there on a mission. There had been a warning that there was a storm, but no one knew how bad it was, “she said during her visit. left in Quezon City last month.

Meranie added: “First of all, the electricity suddenly disappeared. Then came the fierce whistling wind and destroyed everything for many to survive in the province of Mindanao and the Visayas. The houses were destroyed. Besides the electricity, the water was gone and no connection to the network. People were left homeless and without food for days. Many suffer from disease in addition to the cold, darkness and starvation. There are NGOs like the Red Cross, but they have limited capacity. They need your donations to help more people.

Meranie also said she will continue to promote her advocacy on postpartum depression awareness and her campaign against depression and drug addiction because she now has a stronger voice.

“Depression and postpartum depression are serious illnesses and often lead to drug addiction and suicide if not diagnosed and treated on time and properly. Feeling isolated, helpless and having low self-esteem are warning signs of depression and postpartum, ”she added.

In 2019, Meranie won the Mrs. Philippines World in Paris, France, and entered the Mrs. World in Las Vegas, Nevada as Mrs. Guam World 2019. She finished in the top 8 among 48 competitors.

Now based in Hawaii for over 17 years, Meranie has been recognized for her efforts to campaign for her advocacy. She has been cited by lawmakers in the State of Hawaii, the Honorable John Mizuno, Chairman of the Health Committee, the Speaker of the House, the Honorable Scott Saiki and the Honorable Romy Cachola; and the Governor of the State of Hawaii, the Honorable David Ige.

The crowning glory of the Mrs. World 2022 will take place on January 15.



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