PAC donations continue to give some businesses pause

Kristin Brackemyre, director of PAC and government relations for the Public Affairs Council, said companies that plan to continue withholding donations to election objectors “have made peace that supporting their campaigns will not be a loss. avenue that they must influence or build. relations with these members.

“If the makeup of Congress changes, that will likely be reflected in their conversations about what to do to move forward,” she said. Republicans must win a net of five seats to reclaim the House and a single seat to reclaim the Senate.

The Public Affairs Council, a professional group for public affairs executives, has kept tabs on its members over the past year, questioning them regularly about their policy decisions. In its latest poll this fall, the board found that just over 60 percent of PACs had either resumed giving to 147 lawmakers or had never officially stopped.

The board, in its 2021 corporate PAC benchmarking report, found that corporate PACs were severely affected by both the consequences of January 6 and the COVID-19 pandemic, which put end in-person fundraising events. About 81% of PACs told the board they suspended donations after Jan.6, and about 69% of PACs said they suspended employee solicitations for contributions due to COVID-19, according to the report.

Micaela Isler, executive director of the National Association of Business Political Action Committees, said 2021 forced PAC companies and associations to re-evaluate their donations.

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