Oberlin schools receive $ 12,230 in property from donor – Morning Journal

Bags on bags filled to the brim with cleats, slides, tennis shoes, belts, hats and gloves were donated to the Oberlin School District on Nov. 22 by generous donor Tammy Koleski, according to a Press release.

Koleski has been crisscrossing Lorain County for a year and a half giving what she can to local schools, the statement said.

Everything is brand new.

Koleski said she has sometimes heard heartbreaking stories about young college students who just needed a pair of new shoes or a belt.

These are the stories that fuel the passion for Koleski, along with her sister Pam Richards, to help, according to the release.

And, on November 22, the students of the Oberlin City School District were the last recipients of Koleski’s Kindness.

“I saw and heard a need for these items,” she said.

And, thanks to her savvy buying sister who can find items for sale, Koleski said she can buy in bulk.

“What a person can buy for $ 100, they seek and find 10 or 20 times what a normal person can buy,” Koleski said of her sister. “I have donated over 3,000 pairs of cleats so far to local schools and Little League teams.”

Koleski said she also donated socks and personal care items to schools.

Oberlin City School District Superintendent David Hall said he was shocked at the number of bags Koleski brought.

“There were so many bags that they filled our conference room inside the district central office conference room,” Hall said. “Her kindness was overflowing, and she did it out of the kindness of heart.

“Our students are so grateful for the gift.”

A plan for distributing items to students is being organized by Oberlin City School District Athletic Director John Carter and Oberlin City School District Director of Student and Family Support Jay Nimene, the statement said. .

For 2022, Koleski, Richards and family friend Mary Felton are taking it to the next level with their nonprofit, “Wee Care Closet,” the statement said.

“The plan is to take it to the next level where we will accept monetary donations from community members, businesses and a fundraising event, so that we can continue to provide for students from Lorain County to more large scale, ”Koleski said. “We will strive to continue to buy in volume in order to impact the lives of as many children as possible. “

If anyone would like to donate, contact Koleski at 440-935-4910.

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