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NAUGATUCK, CT (WFSB) – Naugatuck Police are looking for a man who has not only stolen a purse, but the victim’s car as well.

Police said this happened Friday night at RiteAid, where a man assaulted a 55-year-old woman, before fleeing with his belongings.

Mohammad Alam has had his store through RiteAid for over a decade.

He sees crimes happening from time to time, but nothing like the assault that happened on Friday.

“Sometimes shopping, robbing stores, you know, shopping, they took while shopping, sometimes. But that doesn’t happen in town,” Alam said.

Police said the man pushed the woman into the parking lot, then took her purse and drove off with his car.

The victim sustained minor injuries.

In light of what happened, The Fit Factory will bring back a self-defense course, to make sure people have the basic skills to be safe and alert.

“I don’t care about the vehicle, okay, and I’m going to come in here, I drag it inside. I open the door and I open it,” said Ron Kosakowski, owner of the Self-Defense Hands-on Training. . Center in Waterbury.

He said his classes are filling up fast because of all the violent crime lately.

“They watch the news, they see the violence going on. Some might see it through their windows depending on the neighborhood they live in. People are scared, and I have people who come and tell me I have it. This is what is happening right now, I see a lot of them, ”he said.

He likes to model the courses on current criminal trends.

This way it is easily applicable to the situation if someone is being targeted.

“We have to adapt to all of that. Be on top of our game, self-defense changes and evolves every year and it evolves with technology,” Kosakowski said.

The car stolen from RiteAid has still not been found. It is described as a 2011 Subaru Legacy with the CT license plate AC45705, and it has a US Marine Corps sticker on the front and back.

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