Motorcycle Deaths Are Rising But Maine Safety Groups Are Working To Combat It

It’s no secret that course instructors go to great lengths to ensure that every student has the basics to be a smart cyclist.

WINSLOW, Maine – In Maine, dozens of motorists are taking safety courses and getting either permits or licenses to ride motorcycles.

After spending the weekend at the course and earning a motorcycle license, it’s no secret that the course instructors have taken great care to ensure that every student has the basics to be a smart rider.

But while a dozen new drivers shared their excitement at KMD Driving School this weekend, looming statistics make it even more imperative to be an aware driver.

Motorcycle-related deaths are on the rise in Maine.

So far in 2022, KMD, which works with the Maine Department of Transportation to review motorcycle accident statistics, said there have been 27 motorcyclist fatalities. In 2022, Maine DOT data shows 22 total deaths.

Instructors said half were alcohol-related and some were with riders not wearing helmets.

Willie Losciuto, an instructor at KMD, said the rising death toll has caused him to change his teaching style.

“I won’t say tougher, but I’m a bit more critical of what they do. To be safe and not make bad choices, we can teach them skills, but we can’t teach them the common sense,” Losciuto said. said.

Loscuito said the biggest tip for being more aware as a driver is to assess your skill level. If you haven’t driven for a long time, you should be extra careful in intersections and turns.

He also said the easiest way to stay focused on the road is to not drink.

But while statistics show an increase in fatal accidents on Maine roads, 12 new motorists took to the streets after this weekend.

Alex Clark, one of the dozen, said he learned a lot from the class.

“When I’m riding I don’t really think about the type of things to watch out for, so I’m really enjoying this class,” Clark said.

Losciuto added that there are 47 instructors in the state of Maine, but he said the industry desperately needs more instructors.

If you want more information about registering for a motorcycle course or becoming an instructor, you can contact the KMD driving school.

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