Minority Entrepreneur Center Comes to Alliance

ALLIANCE – A new program aims to provide support and resources to minority-owned business owners in Carnation City.

The Family Matters Resource Center, a community center that provides services and educational opportunities to underserved residents and families, developed the initiative with the goal of promoting business growth at Alliance.

“People start a business to succeed, not to fail,” said Raymont Johnson, founder of the Family Matters Resource Center. “But unless you have a good supporting infrastructure, it can be difficult.”

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Johnson, who is a member of Stark County Minority Business Association, said the goal is to bring countywide resources to the Alliance community for businesses at various stages of development.

Working alongside the Alliance Region Chamber of Commerce and Alliance Region Development, Johnson was able to connect with minority Alliance business owners.

“We have been able to work with them to help them start their business, from startups, signing them up and working on their business plans, to established ones to continue to see how we can support them,” did he declare. noted.

Johnson said investing in Alliance-based minority business owners will help the city’s economy and create job opportunities. The Family Matters Resource Center, he said, will serve as a “micro-business center” so business owners who work from home have a physical location to use when needed.

“We already have the infrastructure in place there so that if they need to meet clients, we have a good space for them to meet clients. We have computer access, we have a center of learning,” Johnson said.

So far, the program has involved itself with 12 companies, Johnson said. He hopes to expand the program in the future by securing grants and using it to bring in established business owners to work as mentors for start-up business owners.

“We try to find all minority businesses and underserved businesses to come and be a part of what we do, so we can help them succeed,” he said.

Rick Baxter, president of Alliance Area Development, said the program will benefit the community as it will bring business resources to the area, equipping residents with the tools to turn their side projects into businesses.

“A lot of the business resources we have now to help local entrepreneurs are really based in Guangzhou,” he said. “(These organizations) come here and offer help and coaching, but to be able to have an entrepreneurship-based program right here at Alliance is definitely a good thing.”

The Family Matters Resource Center, located at 425 E. Market St., opened last summer in downtown Alliance. Johnson’s goal for the facility was to help members of the community by providing programs for adults, children and families in need, including job training, nutrition classes and food distributions.

In November, Beacon Charity Pharmacy started provide health care services and resources, such as vaccines, once a week at the community center. Services are available on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about the Family Matters Resource Center, call 330-913-7007 or email [email protected]

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Raymont and Brenda Johnson, owner of the Family Matters Resource Center, are working with the Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce to start a minority entrepreneurship center in Alliance.  Friday January 14, 2021.

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