Kingdom Music Training Center Pro Supports Growing Ministries With Its Gospel Piano Learning Toolkit

Self-Taught Gospel Pianist Offers Online Course in How to Play Gospel Piano by Ear, Helping Churches Worldwide Save Over $10,000 a Year

Carol Bonner has always been a lover of God and a lover of music. Today, she is a pianist/organist for her local church in Norfolk, Virginia, providing gospel music accompaniment to her regular services.

However, her journey to becoming an expert gospel pianist was not easy. During her early years, Carol recalls the lack of available resources and a lack of an instructor to teach her the skills she needed to improve. Determined to pursue her passion, she took it upon herself to learn music theory and the number system until she reached a level comparable to that of professional players.

Now Carol is sharing her method with other ministries and churches that also need a reliable gospel piano learning resource through her online platform, Kingdom Music Training Center Pro.

KMTC Pro offers a specially developed toolkit that teaches users how to play gospel piano by ear. According to Carol, her product can help churches save more than $10,000 each year while ensuring a musician can be available whenever they need it.

“Since launching KMTC Pro, I have literally won over students from all over the world and helped them play the piano by ear for their ministries, whether they are complete beginners with no musical background or intermediate musicians who are trying to take it to the next level,” said Carole.

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