Jon Stewart’s TV return date revealed in hilarious video

A bizarre promo for Jon Stewart’s upcoming show on Apple TV + features Jason Alexander as Jeff Bezos and other billionaires involved in the space race.

Jon stewart announced a release date for his new show in a hilarious video starring Jason Alexander as Jeff Bezos. Stewart is best known for the satirical news program, The daily show, which he hosted for 16 years on Comedy Central before retiring in 2015, allowing current host Trevor Noah to take over. The hugely influential host was credited with starting a trend that led to many other satirical news broadcasts from the former Daily show correspondents, such as The Colbert report, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Last week tonight with John Oliver.

Since retiring from the news show, Stewart has directed the political satire film, Irresistible (with another elder Daily show correspondent in Steve Carrell), and makes occasional appearances on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Last October, it was announced that Stewart was working on a TV comeback with a news show for Apple TV +. The show is officially titled The problem with Jon Stewart and provide an in-depth look at various topical issues with each hour-long episode. Now, after a long wait, the first glimpse of the show is here.

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Jon stewart tweeted a bizarre trailer for his upcoming show, The problem. The promo video is billed as a fake movie trailer starring SeinfeldJason Alexander as Jeff Bezos, Tracy Morgan as his “various friend“, Adam Pally as Elon Musk, Mop as Richard Branson, Stray Cat as Mark Zuckerberg, and an obscene amount of phallic jokes. The fake trailer also announced that The problem with Jon Stewart arrives on Apple TV + in September. Watch the video below:

Watch the video here

The parody is incredibly timely given that the Amazon mogul’s 11-minute space flight was just launched hours before Stewart sent the tweet. Although this is technically the first look at The problem with Jon Stewart, it is unlikely to sound like this weird teaser. Instead, the show will likely be something closer to Last week tonight, as it was previously announced that The problem would address one topic per episode and be filmed in front of a live, fully vaccinated studio audience.

If this trailer is any indication, the recent space race between billionaire Branson, Bezos, and Musk could be one of the topics that Stewart has touched on. Since he resigned from The daily show, Stewart has focused a lot on political advocacy, namely his fight to help 9/11 first responders receive health benefits. Since The problem would also focus on Stewart’s advocacy work, this could also be a topic covered by the show. With the first teaser of Jon StewartWith the upcoming series looking so bizarre, it will certainly be interesting to see where the promotional campaign goes.

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