Home Depot and CountryMax Join Forces to Build Obstacle Course for Local Law Enforcement K-9 Units

The power of private/public partnership is poised to make a difference for K-9 units of local law enforcement agencies.

Batavia’s Home Depot and CountryMax stores have come together to provide the materials and labor needed to build a K-9 obstacle course at the Genesee County Fire Training Center on State Street Road.

“These companies came to us and said they wanted to provide these services to Genesee County at no cost to the county,” County Executive Matt Landers said of a resolution the committee approved today. of the Genesee County Legislature Civil Service to accept donations. “The course will be used by the Sheriff’s Office, Batavia City Police, and State Police K-9 officers.”

According to the resolution, Home Depot will donate building materials through a grant from The Home Depot Foundation – estimated value $3,232 – and CountryMax Stores will provide the labor needed to build the course. The layout will be used by K-9 units for training purposes to simulate obstacles they are likely to encounter in the field during deployments.

Landers said the course, which will be owned by Genesee County, will be built to last “for multiple seasons.”

In another action related to the sheriff’s office, the committee approved the creation of a public safety systems manager position while eliminating the communications coordinator position that was held by recently retired Russ Lang for 33 years. .

“The responsibilities of the open position really warrant a title change,” Landers advised. “This was reviewed by the Sheriff’s Office and Human Resources, and they agreed that the new position better reflects the responsibilities of the position at the Sheriff’s Office.”

In accordance with the resolution, the cost associated with this new position is covered by the former salary of the communications coordinator recorded in the 2022 budget.

Both PSC endorsements are subject to ratification by the full legislature later this month.

File picture: Genesee County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit — Deputies Andrew Mullen and Frankie, left, and Deputies Jim Stack and Rayzor. Photo by Mike Pettinella.

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