Gun Ammo Shortage Before Deer Hunting Season In Northeastern Wisconsin | WFRV Local 5

GRAND CHUTE, Wisconsin (WFRV) – Finding ammunition for gun owners is not an easy task right now, according to several gun stores in Northeast Wisconsin.

For 20 years, Nate Oberg has owned Fox Valley Firearms in Appleton. Over the years, there have been times when supply is short and times when there are surpluses. Right now, however, there is a shortage.

“We are affected on almost every front in one way or another due to a lack of supply,” says Oberg.

He says manufacturers are still catching up after COVID-19 disrupts production and they aren’t able to offer the same variety of items they usually do.

He says demand for firearms is high right now and has been since the start of the pandemic. Strong demand is also putting pressure on supply.

Ammunition is one of the most difficult gun-related items to obtain since the start of the pandemic.

“Now in 2021 people felt what they felt last year and they started to prepare this year every time the ammo hits the shelves it is gone because nobody wants to be stuck without ammunition, ”Oberg said.

Oberg isn’t the only gun store owner in northeastern Wisconsin feeling the impact of supply shortages.

The Fireline Shooting and Training Center in Grand Chute says they are experiencing similar shortages. They have a range of guns and offer a wide range of gun training and safety courses that help them compensate when low supply means they can’t sell as much of their other products.

“The industry is kind of stifled and everything has been bought out in the last 20 months and manufacturers are building what they can to come out but can’t do it all at once,” says Brandon Powers, director of the operation of Fireline. Shooting and training center.

The deer hunting season is fast approaching and gun owners say this type of ammunition is hard to find. Powers suggests that hunters be prepared to buy ammo until they find what they’re looking for and buy a few more boxes to stock up on.

Powers says he and his staff are working as hard as they can to find new avenues to restock their shelves with the items hunters need. Oberg is optimistic that the supply shortage will end soon, suggesting that once the hunting season and the holidays are over, demand for gun-related items will decline, allowing manufacturers to catch up. .

Oberg says the deer hunting season is the second busiest time of the year for his store. The busiest is during tax season when people tend to use their tax credits to splurge on guns.

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