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Haiti (MNN) — Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, has descended to war. The gangs control the port, as well as several neighborhoods. The police carefully roam the streets in armored vehicles. In one neighborhood, ten days of violence left 470 dead, injured or missing.

Worsening of conditions

Many Haitians desperately fled to the Florida Keys. The U.S. Coast Guard has picked up more than 330 Haitian migrants in the past week alone.

Greg Yoder with Awareness of the Christian world says, “It’s starting to spread outside of Port-au-Prince, into some of the bigger cities. For us, it caused some problems just because we couldn’t take courses for the women’s training center, or the women couldn’t even come to the center.

People stay indoors to prevent bullets from going through their neighborhood. The children cannot be in school. Haiti has not had a functioning government since the president’s assassination last year.

How did things in Haiti get so bad?

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States recently published a statement accusing the international community of ignoring Haiti’s problems and of having let the country down with “20 years of erratic political strategy”.

To be involved

God continues to work, despite the unfolding tragedy. Yoder says, “We just graduated from our Women’s Training Center in Port-au-Prince, and 70 women graduated. They graduated in Perfected Sewing, which is a three-year program, Simple Sewing, which is only a one-year program, in cosmetology or in cooking or baking classes.

These classes enable women to support themselves and their families. CWO may also offer full scholarships to certain women. Do you want to support this work? You can here.

Pray for the safety of CWO personnel in the Port-au-Prince area and ask God to stop the gang wars.

(Header photo courtesy of Love A Child, Inc/FB)

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