DVIDS – News – Colonel White takes the reins as commander of the 193rd Infantry Brigade

Fort Jackson’s senior leaders, soldiers, civilians and their families gathered on Victory Field June 30 to bid farewell to the commander of the 193rd Infantry Brigade and welcome the next commander to take the reins.

As the brigade colors changed from Col. Mark E. Huhtanen to Brig. Gen. Patrick R. Michaels, commanding general of Fort Jackson, this meant the end of his command of the 193rd Inf. comic. and begin the next adventure of his military career.

“The passing of colors is a ceremonial symbol of the change of command,” said the master of ceremonies. “Col. Huhtanen passes the colors to Brig. General Michaelis, relinquishing command of the unit, but never leaving the unit without a commander.

Michaelis then passed the colors to Col. Scott C. White, signifying his acceptance of command and responsibility of the men and women who pursue the mission of training and sustaining the future of the National Army.

“Brick. General Michaelis then passes the colors to Colonel White charging him with command of the unit,” the master of ceremonies continued. “Under Regulation 600-20, paragraph 2-5C, the undersigned assumes command of the 193rd Infantry Brigade effective June 30, 2022, signed Scott C. White, Colonel, Special Forces, Commanding Officer.”

Michaelis was the first to speak on behalf of the change of command ceremony.

“Transitions are a great time to reflect on an organization,” Michaelis said. “It allows for a pause to look back and reflect on the time and energy you put into the unit. Mark Huhtanen has a lot to take away.

Michaelis reflected on the many challenges and new initiatives that Huhtanen and the “Bayonet Brigade” have faced over the past two years, including continuing to operate during the global COVID-19 pandemic, establishing and recovering more 8,000 trainees from the Army’s first COVID Recovery. Company, establishing the Fort Jackson Women’s Mentorship Program and implemented the first health and holistic program at the training center in addition to training more than 40,000 highly trained, combat-ready soldiers.

“Simply put, Col. Huhtanen made it his business to allow his people to leave Fort Jackson better than when they arrived,” Michaelis said. “The brigade has led the way in improving the basic combat training experience. Ensure that we produce the most physically and mentally fit soldiers for the task force.

As Michaelis finished his speech, he invited Huhtanen to give his last address to his soldiers and his staff.

“Thank you for all your hard work, being such a team,” Huhtanen said. “Thank you for letting me serve with you. You are awesome day in and day out. You make it look easy, but I know it’s not. While I can stand here and talk , today is really about acknowledging this organization and all it has done and will do. I will fight to serve with you all again.

“No reason to give,” Huhtanen said as he finished his last speech as commander.

As he returned to his seat, White stopped him to shake his hand.

“The army is a family. As in all families, the Army has to focus on the people,” White said. “People First isn’t just a catchy line or phrase, it’s a way of life. Some essential characteristics of the People First initiative are empathy and the ability to build relationships. Our power as an army, as a nation, is based on the relationships we build. Relationships make us better people, soldiers, leaders, men, women, children, husbands, wives, and human beings.

“It’s a great opportunity for me. To the men and women of the 193rd, you have my absolute, 100% commitment. From that second striker, you have my absolute commitment and dedication,” White said in closing. “No reason to give.”

White rose from the podium to the front of the color guard and gave his first formal order to retire the colors, ending the ceremony.

Although Huhtanen has relinquished his duties as brigade commander, he will become deputy commander of the US Army Training Center at Fort Jackson.

Date taken: 30.06.2022
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