St. Louis, MO (February 8, 2022) DuraDerm SPORT, a provider of a new advanced liquid polymer, today announced an exciting partnership with the UFC Performance Institute, the premier multidisciplinary mixed martial arts (MMA) research in the world, innovation, and training center.

DuraDerm SPORT will become the first-ever “Official Global Infection Prevention Partner” of the UFC Performance Institute, providing its athletes with a cutting-edge alternative to traditional antibiotic-based treatments, which can diminish performance and develop resistance.

MMA fighters are frequently in close skin-to-skin contact, making them susceptible to skin lacerations and bacterial, viral, or fungal skin infections. DuraDerm SPORT actively kills these dangerous pathogens on contact, and has been proven in clinical trials to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Clinically proven to prevent infections, DuraDerm SPORT is an important part of the UFC Performance Institute’s skin treatment protocol against viruses, fungi and bacteria like staph and MRSA.

“UFCPI Sports Medicine Clinic has been using DuraDerm SPORT for a few years and has seen a marked reduction in wounds becoming infectious,” said Dr. Heather Linden, director of physical therapy for the UFC Performance Institute.

“We have observed that immediate use of this product reduces the likelihood of a small cut or wound progressing to more serious infectious stages. This product has also shown excellent clinical results when used after surgery as a barrier that protects and improves wound healing.

“The UFC Performance Institute has set the clinical standard of care for MMA athletes. Their leadership and dedication to improving the health, performance and recovery of their athletes is preeminent,” said Brad Chartrand, CEO of DuraDerm SPORT.

“We are honored to help support Heather and the athletes with a product they can use and use as part of their training and competition preparation for the most demanding sport in the world.”

About the UFC Performance Institute

The UFC opened the first UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas in 2017 as the world’s first center for multidisciplinary mixed martial arts research, innovation and training. In 2019, the UFC opened the 93,000 square foot Shanghai Performance Institute, a facility approximately three times larger than the original Las Vegas location. Both operations are staffed with a full-time team of experts in the areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition and physiotherapy, with the goal of providing athletes with world-class performance-enhancing training. . Hundreds of UFC athletes have used the facilities and their services, along with dozens of elite athletes from other major sports including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and Olympics, among others.

About DuraDerm SPORT

DuraDerm SPORT is a new FDA-approved, non-antibiotic, microbicidal liquid dressing that actively kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses (all pathogens) on contact, forms a flexible, organic, and durable film barrier that protects the skin from water, dirt and germs and promotes optimal healing and recovery by lowering the pH of the wound bed. Once only available in hospitals, now for the first time athletes, athletic trainers and trainers will have access to this advanced polymer for wound care. DuraDerm SPORT is based on solid scientific and clinical data.


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