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Kitchener, November 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Diva International, maker of DivaCup®, the leading brand in menstrual cups, unveils its new campaign, Freedom. Period. Freedom of choice is the cornerstone of the company’s core values ​​and is represented in their work in education, advocacy and activism, this campaign gives a voice to the work being done; Freedom. Period. isn’t just a statement, for Diva it’s a state of being, the campaign follows the announcement of Diva’s paid menstrual leave and showcases the new creative execution as the brand embarks on a transformation of all its points of contact with consumers.

“Our commitment to de-stigmatize periods and create menstrual fairness in all spaces is rooted in our belief that even though conversations about menstruation are silenced, people who are menstruating will continue to live with limitations. Freedom to pursue education, freedom of choice in body care, freedom to choose a sustainable option, Freedom. Period. occurs when menstruation is freed from the taboos and stigma it faces today. – Carinne Chambers-Saini, Founder and CEO, Diva International Inc.

The Freedom. Period. marks the latest evolution of the company’s new creative direction filmed by Montreal agency Mookai. The campaign features six real DivaCup users sharing their stories. The campaign will present the story of each person who chose to use DivaCup; Whether connecting to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, the high quality and performance offered by the fit, or the brand’s global activism work, each person shares a unique perspective of their own. life experience. The campaign which will be rolled out across all Diva channels including the web, Instagram and TikTok, will feature six real DivaCup users and their stories and promoted through digital channels.

“As a brand we are committed to authenticity, which is why this campaign celebrates real Diva users and showcases their unique voices and stories.” – Carinne Chambers-Saini, Founder and CEO, Diva International Inc.

Diva has also teamed up with famous Canadian musician Ralph who has curated a playlist in conjunction with the release of the new campaign. Diva x Ralph will be available on the brand’s Spotify account and is designed to help celebrate the power of the body and menstruation.

“I believe in freedom. The freedom to play, the freedom to bleed, the freedom to choose and the freedom to make music, to spread joy and to play. I hope this playlist will help people who have their rules to feel all of these things, for blood is power, and we are all so powerful. ” – Ralph, singer – songwriter

Freedom. Period. marks an ongoing commitment by Canadian society to reflect authenticity and create space for diverse voices and experiences. The campaign offers a first glimpse of the future trajectory of the innovative brand. Since the introduction of menstrual cups to the mass market over a decade ago, the company’s continued success as a global leader in this industry has been based on the ability to listen and respond to needs and to the values ​​of its consumers. This campaign celebrates client Diva and the diverse community he has created.

Freedom. Period. is now live.

Listen to the Diva X Ralph playlist on Spotify.

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About Diva International

Founded in 2002, Diva’s founders, mother-daughter team Francine Chambers and Carinne Chambers-Saini, have become disruptors in the menstrual care industry, passionately pursuing their dream of creating a sustainable menstrual cup, a healthy alternative. and effective to disposable products. Their flagship product, DivaCup, is an easy-to-use, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable tampons and pads, providing up to 12 hours of leak-free protection.

Diva is also passionately committed to her social impact program. Its mission is to build meaningful partnerships globally to address issues of accessibility, menstrual equity and education. In the past year alone, Diva’s Impact program has donated over $ 700,000 in products and financial support worldwide. Diva is the first menstrual care company to launch a recycling program in North America, making their menstrual cup fully sustainable.

As Diva believes that menstruation should be a fact of life, and not a limitation of life, the company is passionately committed to breaking the taboos surrounding menstruation around the world. Diva also produced the first-ever feature documentary on menstrual poverty and menstrual equity, the award-winning Pandora’s Box: Lifting the Lid on Menstruation. For more information, please visit divacup.com.


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