DIU and Partners to Demonstrate Commercial GNSS Disturbance Detection Technology at Upcoming Military Exercises

Participants in the Defense Innovation Unit’s Harmonious Rook program will demonstrate their commercial geospatial intelligence and navigational warfare capabilities in upcoming national and international military exercises.

Harmonious Rock is a prototype project aimed at providing situational awareness of intentional disruptions to the global navigation satellite system that compromise the position, navigation and timing capabilities of users around the world.

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center and the National Space Intelligence Center along with other defense and civilian agencies participate in the program. The initiative also uses data, machine learning analytics, visualization and contextualization capabilities from multiple vendors and non-governmental organizations.

“Instead of developing, building and deploying equipment suitable for navigational warfare operations collection, we are accessing currently available commercial data and analytics to meet the need for PNT situational awareness,” said Lt. Air Force Colonel Nicholas Estep, Harmonious Tour program manager.

The prototyping companies will support the Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training Exercise later in August and the U.S. Army’s 1st Armored Division Command Post Exercise at the National Defense Center. training in September.

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