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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – In an effort to connect both providers and those in recovery, the organizations will host the first-ever “Recovery Rally” in the Tri-Cities.

The event was organized by the Johnson City Day Reporting Center (DRC) with the Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition and Recovery Resources.

DRC Director Ashton Belcher said this gathering is not just about getting people the help they need to recover from substance abuse and addiction, but about informing providers about all the services available in our region.

The event is open to anyone facing recovery or walking with someone through addiction and recovery. Belcher said there are many organizations in the area that help people with addictions, but they are often unaware of the services other organizations can provide.

“Often, if we have a client or attendee that comes in, or someone is referred to us, and they need a service that we don’t offer, we just want to make sure we’re okay. informed about the resources that are in our community,” Belcher said. “So we don’t deny them, we give them the resource, even though we don’t have it here.”

Belcher says recovery resources go beyond addiction recovery itself, there will be medical professionals providing on-site health care as well as services to get people the documents they need. to find a job.

“They need transportation or housing, or they need to get their birth certificates,” Belcher said. “A lot of these things can prevent them from succeeding. You need a copy of your driver’s license even to get a job.

Organizers hope to help people feel valued by connecting them to the resources they need. Belcher said people can often feel discouraged or unwanted if they ask for help and walk away without getting the care they want and need.

Belcher also said the timing of the rally is important after people have spent the past few years moving away or staying home.

“Isolation is the last thing people need, whenever they’re trying to maintain recovery or fight addiction,” Belcher said. “I think it’s a perfect opportunity for them to get support if they don’t have it. We’ll even have different recovery groups represented here that day, so they can access those support systems and build those relationships.

The event will take place at Johnson City DRC at 204 Freckles Ct. on Monday, March 14 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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