Community resource center raises nearly $ 800,000 for Ida’s recovery

MAMARONECK, NY – The Mamaroneck-based social services and advocacy organization dedicated to empowering and integrating new immigrants to Westchester County has announced a staggering fundraising effort to help families whose lives were disrupted by post-tropical cyclone Ida.

The Community Resource Center (CRC) said on Tuesday that the results of the community’s generosity, both locally and in other parts of the state, have raised $ 791,200 for direct financial support to victims of the recent floods. CRC officials said nearly $ 60,000 in gift cards had also been donated to support the Mamaroneck families affected and displaced by Ida.

“As the CRC and its community slowly began to recover from the pandemic, we were grateful to at least have our homes,” CRC officials said in a statement announcing the disaster coup. “However, on September 2, the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through entire communities and flooding forced thousands of people from their homes – eviction by natural disaster.”

The relief fund will go directly to flood victims in Mamaroneck for emergency aid and resettlement costs, CRC officials said. The fund is already helping at least 200 local families with money to pay for food, transportation, and to replace lost clothes and belongings. The money raised will also help cover rent owed or security deposits and the first month’s rent to secure new homes.

While emergency aid will be provided directly to flood victims, relocation costs will be paid directly to owners. CRT says the emergency aid money will also help provide new mattresses to families in need and help deliver furniture.

You will find more information on how you can help Ida victims and the Community Resource Center in their work. here.

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