Christians banned from worship in Burkina Faso

30/07/2022 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – According to Aid to the Church in Need International, Catholic churches in Burkina Faso are experiencing interference from Islamic groups in the country. In many cases, activists enter churches during service and force men and women to sit separately. In other cases, sermons are replaced by Islamic sermons. However, many people in the villages do not receive proper pastoral care, and the pastoral care that occurs is only because it is authorized by the Islamists.

This recent interference follows an attack that killed 20 people on July 3. It also follows another recent incident in which a New Orleans native, Sister Suellen Tennyson, was abducted from her bed in Burkina Faso in April 2022. At 83, radicals took her without her glasses. , his phone or his medicine in his sleepwear. She has not yet been found.

Once a harmonious nation, Burkina Faso has fallen under the shadow of radical Islamists since 2015 and has suffered like many other Sahel countries in Africa. Deliberate targeting of Christian places of worship has been one of the main goals of radical Islamic groups targeting the area since they began to establish a foothold there.

Please continue to pray for Burkina Faso and for an end to Islamic extremism. Pray for those who commit horrible crimes against humanity, that they will experience the love of Jesus and be guided from darkness to light. Please also pray that the Lord will protect and strengthen the persecuted church and bring healing to all those affected by the violence.

Please also pray for the safety and recovery of Sister Suellen Tennyson.

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