Bucs QB School starts Saturday

The entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster will meet at the AdventHealth Training Center next Tuesday, July 26, for the start of the team’s 2022 training camp. However, around half of that 90-man roster will already have a three-day lead by then.

The buccaneers who fall into four groups will show up on Saturday for what is colloquially known as the “QB School”, but actually includes 42 players who could use that head start for a variety of reasons. These four groups are quarterbacks, rookies, first-year players, and those recovering from injuries sustained last season or during the offseason.

Those three extra days won’t involve a large amount of fieldwork — about 90 minutes in total spread over two practices on Sunday and Monday — but each of those two days will involve class meetings and movies in the morning and afternoon. ‘afternoon. The 42 players in attendance will also have the chance to work with coaches, if needed, and take part in lifting sessions.

Saturday’s activities will be primarily for orientation purposes for the Bucs’ 24 rookies. They’ll have the chance to take physical and conditioning tests, hit the weight room, and then reunite for an evening rookie meeting.

It is common for teams to bring in their recruits a few days or even a week earlier than the rest of the team. Rookies from the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, for example, showed up for camp on Wednesday the 19th, though veterans aren’t due until the 26th. more easily and to integrate more easily with the veterans when the actual camp begins.

Likewise, quarterbacks have more to do mentally than any other position on the team and must be ready to run the show once camp practices begin. And those hoping to return to action after injuries can obviously use as much time as possible with coaches and strength and conditioning staff members. “QB School” is all about that head start, and there are plenty of players on the Bucs’ 90-man roster who can benefit from it.

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