Ameresco Partners with United States Coast Guard on First Battery Energy Storage System Project at Petaluma Training Center


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. & PETALUMA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, today announced that it has entered into a performance-saving contract for Energy (ESPC) of $ 43 million with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) at the service’s largest training center on the west coast, the Petaluma Training Center (TRACEN). The project will be the USCG’s first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) largest renewable solar energy project integrated into the first fully functional micro-grid powered by of renewable energies from the USCG.

TRACEN Petaluma faces a series of energy security and resiliency challenges endemic to northern California’s climate and regional power infrastructure. In light of the regularity and severity of weather events and service disruptions affecting the site, USCG competitively selected Ameresco in February 2021 to accelerate development of a comprehensive ESPC to improve infrastructure power and site resilience. The micro-grid will integrate existing distributed backup generators with a new 5 megawatt (MW) solar panel and an 11.6 MWh BESS to power the entire site in the event of loss of utility (LoU). Planned improvements also include the deployment of new power distribution transformers, smart controls in 10 campus buildings, LED lighting upgrades for more than 8,000 luminaires, installation of new charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV) and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. upgrades.

“This contract award enables the continuity of operations in an environment of unpredictable climate risks and will increase the relevance of the Petaluma training center throughout the region, while keeping our total workforce ready for the Coast Guard mission,” said the captain Steven Ramassini, commander of the training campus.

“Responding to the changing needs of the Coast Guard means we need to go beyond just using traditional direct credits. The use of energy performance contracts allows the Coast Guard to make critical infrastructure improvements in a timeframe that would be impractical with usual methods and provides holistic solutions to complex problems. Leveraging partnerships and finding unique solutions is how the Coast Guard is able to accomplish mission critical improvements with our limited resources, ”notes Rear Admiral Carola List, Deputy Commander of Engineering and logistics and chief engineer of the Coast Guard.

When completed, the Petaluma Training Center will save over $ 1.2 million in the first year alone. The project will also reduce the site’s annual electricity and propane consumption by 8.7 M kWh and 50.8 kgal, respectively.

“We are very honored to lead the design and development of this historic project for the US Coast Guard,” said Nicole Bulgarino, Executive Vice President of Ameresco. “The upgrades described integrate energy efficiency and on-site clean energy with advanced micro-grid controls and significantly improve the energy resilience of the training center. The completed project will set a solid precedent for future federal renewable energy generation and battery storage projects. ”

Construction on the project is expected to begin in October 2021 and be completed by fall 2023.

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