After multiple abortions, Peggy found healing serving others at a pregnancy resource center

When Peggy Benicke first became pregnant at 17, she chose to place her daughter up for adoption with a loving family. She wanted to give her child a better chance to thrive in a two-parent home. During her pregnancy, Benicke lived in a maternity ward, an experience she described as wonderful.

Benicke told Live Action News: ‘My parents were incredibly supportive, which I was grateful for. It was difficult to place my baby for adoption, but in the end I knew I had made the best decision for her. This couple had been unable to have children and were thrilled to have the chance to raise my daughter as their own.

But faced with another unplanned pregnancy the following year, this time Benicke sought an abortion in New York to avoid bringing shame to her family. “I convinced myself that I was doing the right thing,” she said. “I didn’t want to embarrass my family for another pregnancy, nor was I ready to go through the adoption process all over again.”

A little after deer was adopted in 1973, Benicke was in Miami preparing to move to Chicago for a new job when she found out she was expecting a third time. Her relationship with her boyfriend had ended, so she went alone to a small, old apartment building where a doctor performed surgical abortions. Once there, she stood in line with other women waiting their turn at the abortionist’s table.

“I remember looking at the nurse’s shoes and seeing how dirty they were,” she said. “The place didn’t seem like a professional medical clinic and I wondered if the staff were even licensed.”

In Chicago, she met a man whom she would later marry. The two had agreed that neither wanted children, so when she became pregnant she again decided to terminate another pregnancy.

A Desperate Call to God Brings Transformation

“Still, I don’t remember anything from that day,” Benicke said. “It was like my brain was blocking out the whole episode to protect my emotions from the trauma of having another life ending procedure for my baby. For a while I thought it didn’t even happen. never produced.

By the age of 40, Benicke was married and pregnant with another child – the couple’s daughter – while struggling to overcome insurmountable personal issues. One day she cried out to God in desperation, daring him to “fix” her problems.

She describes, “At that moment, I had the feeling that everything would be fine. I felt like I was wrapped in a warm, comforting blanket. At that time, my sister-in-law asked me to go to a Bible study with her. We were both unbelievers, but as my pregnancy progressed, I began to see how the Holy Spirit was working in me because I had such a thirst for the Word and a strong desire to live a Christian life.

God continued to direct his path. Through a presentation at her church, she discovered the Robbinsdale Women’s Center (RWC), which offers a range of free services to pregnant women. Her mission resonated with her, forcing her to sign up as a volunteer. Eventually, in 2000, Benicke became the center’s executive director, a position she still holds today.

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“Working at the Robbinsdale Women’s Center has been an incredible faith-builder, seeing God direct, provide, protect and expand RWC’s mission as we work together to further the work of His Kingdom,” she said.

To serve a higher calling

The woman who submitted to multiple abortions was transformed into a woman who was now helping to save babies.

Benicke had walked in place of the women visiting the pregnancy center, which made her uniquely qualified for the mission. While a lot has changed when it comes to abortion access since Benicke faced her first unplanned pregnancy, women who visit the center struggle with the same emotions she did.

Benicke said, “Years later, women continue to make unhappy choices out of panic. They fear that their dreams will be shattered if they do not have an abortion. At RWC, we treat women with compassion, like precious human beings. We don’t pressure them one way or another. Once they learn about the options, 70-80% make important life decisions themselves. Women report having positive experiences at RWC, and many refer friends, so we know we are doing something right.

Additionally, the Real Time Prayer Program (RTP) cannot be underestimated in its contribution to optimal results. When a woman is about to have an ultrasound, a text message is sent to over 700 people asking for prayer. Some information about his situation, but not enough to identify him, is included in the text. The RTP network is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

“When that text comes out, it’s like the ultrasound images look sharper and the baby is more active,” Benicke said. “As a result, the woman’s heart seems to soften. Ultrasound is a powerful tool for changing hearts and minds.

Soon, the center will move to a larger facility allowing staff to help more at-risk women and families. With deer now gone, pregnancy support services are in even greater demand. Benicke sees the hand of God at work in the global pro-life movement and is realistic about the challenges ahead, but also optimistic.

Benicke said: “The women come with their babies and express their gratitude for the support and love they have received at Robbinsdale. Centers like ours make huge differences in the lives of women across the country, but the abortion industry demonizes them. But we are excited to see RWC grow and fulfill a higher purpose.

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